Blockchain Development Services

Blockchain development services play a major role in creating decentralized software that is fully traceable and secure regarding data and transactions

Why BCD Apps?

BCD Apps has massive experience in blockchain development since it was launched a decade ago. Its primary purpose was end-to-end blockchain application development to provide authentic and viable blockchain solutions. In service since 2014, BCD Apps pledges to develop custom blockchain apps for your company. It does so by providing you with expert advice and full-scale practical assistance.

Blockchain Solutions BCD Apps provides

Blockchain Networks

Secure and scalable decentralized ecosystems with minimized downtime.

  • Permission-based.
  • Permission less

Asset Tokenization Platforms

Decentralized platforms that help users to create, manage and trade their asset-backed tokens:

  • NFT platforms
  • Platforms for security token issuance

Blockchain-Based Market Platforms

Peer-to-peer platforms for translucent, fool-proof transactions between the parties:

  • DeFi platforms
  • Decentralized marketplaces

Smart contracts

Providing the protocols that ensure the automated enforcement of set rules and uphold the integrity of agreements among different parties.

Crypto assets

Custom cryptocurrencies.
Crypto tokens: NFTs, security, utility, governance, reward, etc.

Crypto wallets

Digital wallets to deposit
and transact
a variety of crypto assets.


Encrypted peer-to-peer applications with
no single point of failure and zero downtime.


Blockchain-based platforms for collaborative decision-making across communities without a
central authority.

Cross-chain bridges

BCD Apps provides decentralized solutions that make crypto assets affable on different blockchain platforms.

Advanced techs to integrate with blockchain

Blockchain becomes highly integrated when we aggregate, interpret, and analyze the data using all the modern techs in the market. It then becomes completely traceable and secures data and transactions, and trends associated with it.  Blockchain software developed by BCD Apps ensures that your blockchain solution is fully empowered with the help of the latest techs such as:

Internet of Things (IOT)

Automated amalgamation, an impervious and intemperate record, and secure sharing of
unstructured and semi-structured IoT big data.

AI Based Security Techs

Immediate detection of dubious, incorrect data  suspicious/unwanted transactions. Also, blocking their upload into the blockchain.

Machine Learning (ML)

The use of ML model training helps us derive high-quality results. We use authentic and incorruptible data stored in. the blockchain to render successful ML model training.