Cloud App Development

Cloud application development is the process of developing cloud applications. It designates the different phases of software development that enable apps to be brought to market and digitized. In the field of cloud computing, since 2014, BCD Apps has provided efficient and reliable cloud and cloud applications that make proper use of all cloud features.

Our way of Building Cloud Applications

The Scope of Our Cloud Application Services

BCD Apps ensures end-to-end services. Along with testing, it offers cloud app consulting, development, and infrastructure management. Further, cloud app security, and integration with other cloud and on-premises apps.

Our services in Cloud app development

Cloud Application Planning

  • For products, we define the aesthetic features and OOTB capabilities that will give the MVP an edge in the market.
  • For business applications, we identify demands and concerns related to that specific business process flow.
  • Development of high-level functionalities and technicalities for software.

Business Case

  • Estimate the anticipated TCO of the cloud applications and search opportunities to optimize it.
  • Estimate the expected ROI of the cloud application.
  • For products, map features to subscription plans and different product versions

Cloud Application UX/UI Design

  • Designing of User Interface Mock-up
  • Research related to UX
  • UX Design/Redesign