Dedicated Remote Team

BCD Apps pledges to provide you with a remote dedicated team of developers. Our remote team is specialized in software development and includes engineers, architects, designers, developers, project managers, DevOps, etc. with proven experience in building technology solutions. BCD Apps’ remote team members are highly qualified and have a strong background with degrees in IT and mathematics.

Remote Team Services

Our Dedicated Remote Team includes

The Process

Step # 1

Request for a Team

Let us know about your project and everything related to it. And also, about the expectations that you have about the project. Then leave the rest to us, we will provide you with a remote team that can successfully complete your project in a given time.

Step # 2

Pooling of Competent Candidates

After your request is processed, we will provide a list of well-versed and experienced candidates that can meet your and your project’s demands. From that list, you can choose the candidates that fit your remote job position.

Step # 3

Selection of candidates

After you shortlist the candidates of your preference, we will schedule interviews with shortlisted candidates for you. Where you can interview them to further check their skills. You can also leave it to us as well to save you time.

Step # 4

Engagement & Setup

BCD Apps will ensure collaborative work to improve your team structure by including additional and new resources. Our experts can aid you in maintaining the balance between expertise and costs. Thereby enabling you to overcome the challenges.

Step # 5

Final Results

• Vast industry and technology specialists with proven experience.
• Suggestions on tools, schemes, and solutions, after the success of the project.
• BCD Apps gives its best for successful outcomes and the growth of your business.