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With the advent of digital currency, this tech-revolution era is also faced with the problem that is cyber criminals. These cybercriminals are involved in illegal practices such as Botnet Mining. This means sneaking into your system and mining cryptocurrencies – through malware called Crypto-Mining Bots. This malware could be of different types depending on whether you are using a mobile phone or desktop system. It can damage your computer to a high degree. Therefore, knowing this malware is important to take preemptive measures. Here is what you need to know about Crypto-Mining Bots.


Crypto-Mining Bot and its Types

Crypto-Mining Bot or Mining Bot is malware exclusively created to obtain cryptocurrencies. This malware is often hidden in spam messages and fake downloads. So, once you open them, BOOM! your system gets infected.

It impedes the speed of your computer because malware uses maximum power for its gain.

Types of Mining Bot depend on the machine you are using. For example, if you are using a mobile phone, then it may appear as mobile mining and Desktop-based mining when using computers. The mining bot’s methodology to insinuate and hijack is more or less the same on both mobile and desktop.


How a Crypto-Mining Bot Infects your Computer?

A mining bot infects your computer by performing some specific functions that are listed below.


      • Using your processing power to mine cryptocurrency for them without consent

      • Consuming the power supply of your device to use the maximum energy possible

      • Redirecting your traffic to the websites of their choice

      • Downloading unnecessary applications and files onto your device with your knowledge

      • Steeling your personal information from your device

      • Inducing new registry keys and values without permission of the user

      • Steeling your clipboard data to use on a remote website

      • Collecting your search history


    Consequences of Mining Bot on an Infected Computer

    Mining bots can prove fatal for your device. Here is what is going to happen to your system if infected by a mining bot.


        • This malware is designed to consume the power of your device without you knowing. Hence, it may cause the over-use of power and making difficult for you to pay electricity bills. If you want to avoid billing problems, better your device for mining bots.


          • It also over-exploits the processing power of computers to mine cryptocurrencies which can result in the stagnation of the software in your device. In simple words, software in your system cannot be processed properly if the processor is only trying to run the mining bots.


            • They often cause overheating in the system. Well, since they coerce the system to maximize the power supply, it often ends up in overheating and system failure in some cases. If the system is dismantled due to overheating, it will cost you a lot of money to repair it.

          So, how to avoid these costly problems? The answer is simple, prevention.


          How to prevent your system from Mining bots?


          Luckily there is a way to prevent your device from mining bot’s infection. Traditionally, there is a step-by-step solution to this problem. Identifying the problem, solving the problem, and preventing it in the future. Therefore, it is important to first identify the problem.


          Identifying whether your system is infected with a Mining Bot 

          You can find out whether or not your system is infected. As the disease/virus is identified in the human body by its symptoms, a similar is the case here. If your computer is showing one of the following symptoms, you better worry about it.


              • Overconsumption of Battery

              • Slower-than-usual performance of CPU

              • Overheating of CPU

              • If CPU performance is 100% when you not using to maximum

              • High-traffic network

              • Frequent blue screen with memory dumps and unexpected errors

              • Weakening of internet connection

            If your system is suffering from any of the abovementioned mal-functioning, there is the possibility that it has been infected. It needs to be dealt with forthwith before becoming fatal for your device.


            Now comes the solution part.

            Uprooting the Mining Bot from the system

            Well, if you have identified the problem at an early stage, there is a chance you can remove it before it gets out of control. However, if you found out after the damage has happened, your device may need a professional to mend it.

            Do this when you spot this malware:

            Without going any further, Reboot your system in Safe Mode. It will however not remove the mining bot once and for all but it should buy you much time to install an Anti-Malware.

            Now let’s see how you can prevent it from happening in the future.

            Prevention in the future

            Some preemptive measures can help you nip the mining bot in the bud.


                • Use only trusted websites for downloading

                • Keep the right and updated anti-virus installed and make sure they are functional all the time

                • Make sure to check the CPU performance

                • Search for successful ways to prevent the mining bot and apply them to your system 


              Bottom line

              Botnet mining has now become a common illicit practice these days. And Crypto-mining bot is used in the process of botnet mining. Since it involves several highly professional programmers behind, botnet mining has remained successful in data theft. Crypto-mining bot, malware that is designed to infiltrate the devices to mine cryptocurrencies, damages the device badly while mining. Therefore, this blog has discussed some proven methods to identify the mining bot and prevent it from happening in the future.

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