The Social media Dilemma

There is no denying the countless advantages of social media. It has allowed us to connect with our loved ones across the world. Similarly, every kind of information is just one click away from us thanks to the emergence of social media. On the other side, however, it has also sprung multiple challenges for the users. For instance, health issues, misleading information, cyberbullying, etc. However, like every problem has a solution, there is a way forward for social media addiction as well. In this blog, we will learn how social media has negatively impacted society.


How social media is a menace?

Well, a limited time allotted to social media in your daily life is normal. The problem comes when you are overusing it. Overuse of social media leads to SOCIAL MEDIA ADDICTION. Over time, this addiction gets the better of you. Then you find it very arduous to ween yourself off social media. This is the point where you give your precious time to scrolling rather than doing some productive work.


Negative impacts of social media on society


Health issues: Depression and anxiety

Social media is the biggest cause of depression among today’s generation. How so? Well, simple, the more you spend time scrolling social media the more you are susceptible to anxiety. Social media is all about portraying the best of the best one has got. Therefore, when you see someone doing great (which they might not be doing in real life) you start comparing yourself to them. You would only find shortcomings in yourself when comparing it to the artificially perfect person. This is what triggers depression and anxiety.



Cyberbullying is a concept never debated and existed before the advent of social media. Cyberbullying primarily means virtually teasing and hurting one’s emotions. Nowadays, this dilemma has gone so far that it seems unbeatable. Social media has given an easy pass to bullies to create fake profiles of someone and derogate that person’s virtue and violate the sanctity of social media itself. In many cases, it has gone so far that individuals have committed suicide.


Negative Body Images

People tend to upload posts on social media in which they glorify their perfect bodies and supremely amazing attires. All these ploys are to grab more and more audience and get famous. When you start comparing yourself to them, it is obvious that you will find yourself very unattractive. This over-consciousness is the reason that you abhor your own body because you are not as good as the picture you just saw on social media. While in reality, you are perfect the way you are. Just start admiring yourself for what you are and all these worries will go away.


Faux Expectations

As mentioned above, social media is all about portraying the best no matter how bad it is in reality. Therefore, cute pictures, cozy relationships, adventurous trips, and highly knowledgeable people could just be farcical stunts to attract viewers. In most cases, content creators are artificial. The user isn’t aware of the real life of their ideals on social media. Hence, there is no point in copying or following social media influencers blindly.


Disturbed Slumber: Unhealthy sleep pattern

If you are indulged in social media to a level where you cannot imagine your life without it, you’ve become prey to the vicious cycle of social networking sites. There are myriads of instances of people who are psychologically disturbed due to social media. How so? Well, overuse of social media can wake you up late at night. Which resultantly perturbs your sleep pattern and makes you mentally unfit.


Fear of being Excluded or Missing Out

You must have felt abandoned, often, when you saw a post on social media in which all your friends were having quality time but you were not invited. This gives the user a feeling of being left out. This fear also develops when you see your friends having fun and they invited you too but you couldn’t due to some other businesses. The more you use social media the more likely you are to encounter that fear. Resultantly, it leads to frustration.


Way out from the quagmire of social media

Develop Alternative Habits

Refraining from social media has never been easy but many people have done it successfully. Well, one easy way to quit or at least reduce the use of social media is to develop an alternative habit. That habit should be the one you have loved all your life but never had a chance to render it. For example, singing, painting, book reading, cooking, knitting, etc.


Physical Fitness

The second way out is to start a physical exercise. Not only will it keep you physically and mentally fit, but it can quell your craving for social media. When you come home after a tense workout your body would seek rest. And once you are in bed, you will fall asleep quickly.



Social media has been a grotesque subject that no one could ever conclude this topic on a single stance. However, a lot of studies show that social media has heralded a modern epoch that played a major role in discoloring people’s life and corrupting society as a whole. People’s overindulgence in social media has made them artificial, easy targets, and not to mention psychologically disordered. However, someone with a strong will can always cease using social media or control the timing of using it by adopting new habits.




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